Style of play, for any footballer, is extremely important both on and off the pitch. There is a sense of pride for all players to dress the part while using their feet to do all the talking. Michael was never shy about talking with his feet, and he adopted a sense of style and fashion at an early age. He credits this style to, one, growing up in California and, two, idolizing soccer star and fashion icon, David Beckham.

Michael has yet to meet a camera or a crowd he didn't like. In his early years as a professional soccer player, he would be the first of his teammates to volunteer for photo shoots and media events.

With this charisma, Michael quickly found himself endorsing clothing brands and local businesses. He used his platform as a Major League Soccer player to not only promote brands but also charities, walking in fashion shows or hosting charities events. With a decorated sports background and unique entrepreneurial story, Michael continues to incorporate modeling into his personal brand to carry on both his style of play and his passion to keep the ball rolling.

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