Michael was born to lead. Raised by his grandfather, a decorated Army General, he not only had a role model to show him what it means to be a leader, but he also inherited those qualities. Michael always knew that he was meant to change the game with this passion for leadership combined with his flamboyant California style of play.

Michael found his true love at the age of four, a black and white sphere that quickly captured his heart. This love served as a catalyst for a beautiful story of heartache and triumph. While Michael went through a rollercoaster of emotions in his lifetime as a soccer player, he always managed to keep his eye on the ball. At the ripe age of eight, Michael began traveling the world, a much larger sphere that, at the time, he knew so little about; he was simply motivated to take care of his family and create the life of every young boy's dreams. Michael found comfort playing 100 mph away from home despite being surrounded by strangers and a revolving locker room door,

Michael has been the captain for every team he's ever played: from youth soccer to his first company, sphere. While his relentless style of play secured him two MLS Cup Championships and a decade of memorable experiences, he faced an abrupt ending to his professional career. Michael was forced to fall back on his economics degree from the University of Washington, and he was traded quickly from corporate team to corporate team until settling into a natural gas brokerage position. But, he felt empty. Corporate America left Michael unfulfilled, so he dedicated all of his off hours to keep the ball rolling.

Moonlighting sphere, he finally experienced life from outside the lines and quickly learned after two painful years the importance of following his heart and not the crowd. 

In August of 2017, Michael quit his desk job, and since then he has been pursuing his dream to connect people through passes. That desire to change the game is still alive. He encourages all players to play a great game and remember that we're all given the same amount of hours in a day, kick them!

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